Community regeneration

With over 20 years of successful project management experience that has always focussed on putting local people at the heart of regenerating their communities, Glen’s support and leadership has enabled local people from a wide range of backgrounds to transform their lives and the fabric of their communities.

Finding a balance between facilitating locally led grassroots projects with more strategic government priorities has led to a wide ranging portfolio of successful programmes from a wide range of local and national government priority areas, including community food growing, dealing with anti-social behaviour and conflict, supporting vulnerable people to become economically active, social enterprise development, volunteering and worklessness programmes and engaging with children and young people. Glen’s ability to support local people to achieve their potential and meet national priorities is well recognised in the communities he has worked in- enabling local ideas to become a reality, by providing a robust business plan and resources through a host of funding bodies including EU, UK, local authority, charitable and private sector.

Glen’s main specialism and passion is working with children and young people who are disadvantaged in society. He has dedicated his career to date to this cause and passionately advocates this as the most powerful and important aspect of community regeneration. In the last 20 years he has supported many hundreds of young people to see beyond their disadvantage, become important members of their community- through volunteering, project work, training and employment; and achieve their full potential. During the past 9 years, operating successful social enterprise programmes in the North West, Glen’s work has supported over 150 disadvantaged young people into employment, with many wider social and community impacts.