About us

Eat Grow Thrive was created by Glen Duckett in 2020 with a focus on Northern communities in particular Lancashire and the North West of England.

Glen has built numerous social enterprises, focusing on sustainability, community regeneration and working with disadvantaged community groups, in particular young people. Glen’s work and projects have won multiple national awards for their quality and innovation within the education and training, environmental and catering and hospitality sectors. Glen has now extended this socially motivated work into France and Spain to support young people from abroad and the North West to achieve their full potential.



Employment and training solutions to regenerate communities with a focus on food: growing it, cooking it and serving it.

Using innovative social enterprise approaches within the catering industry, Glen has a wealth of experience of bringing more young people into the industry and regenerate local communities at the same time.



Growing partnerships and growing people through pioneering solutions to manage community issues, community spaces and community assets and provide life chances for disadvantaged people.



Developing a culture of inclusion and sustainability through imparting knowledge and tried and tested models, experiences and case studies to bring about regeneration through social enterprise.